Smith Island: A True Island Community in the Heart of the Chesapeake Bay


Shops & Services


Drum Point Market
Duke Marshall
21162 Center St., Tylerton, MD 21866
410-425-2108 |

Local Mom & Pop store with the best crab cakes in the land.
Grocery store, sub shop and convenience store.
Open Monday — Saturday 10-3 pm
Closed Sunday but will open for emergencies or large groups.
Closed Wednesday evenings.


Tylerton Methodist Church
Main Service at 10:45 AM Sundays
Visitors to the island are welcome.


Smith Island Education Center
Chesapeake Bay Foundation
PO Box 201, Tylerton, MD 21866
Brooke Reynolds, Manager

Housed in two of the town's original structures, the Smith Island program in Tylerton allows participants to experience a traditional waterman's village while learning to appreciate a culture where people depend completely on a healthy Bay. The community's history and simplicity make it truly magical. For more information please visit the website.

While visiting Tylerton feel free to stop by the Smith Island Education Center. Since our participants are largely school aged children we ask that you do not enter the facility if there are participants present.


Smith Island Center, Museum and tourist information, gift shop, rest rooms. Experience life on the island in the Smith Island Center. A short film and exhibits bring alive the waterman's work and island traditions, and explore the history and characteristic language of the island. Small admission fee.
Location: 20846 Caleb Jones Road, Ewell, MD 21824
Hours: Open May 1 - October 25, 12 noon to 4pm.
Contact: Janet Tyler, 410-425-3351,


Harbor Side Groceries
Whitelock Road, Ewell, MD 21866
Otis Ray Taylor
410-425-2422 | 410-968-2428


Bayside Inn Rentals
4065 Smith Island Rd., Ewell, MD 21824
Betty Jo Tyler
410-425-2771 |

Golf cart (for two) and bicycle rentals. Rentals available Memorial Day
weekend thru October 15th, daily from 11 AM-4 PM. No overnight rentals.

Golf Carts - 1/2 hour $15; 1 hour $25; 2 1/2 hours $50
Bikes - 1/2 hour $3; 1 hour $5; 2 1/2 hours $10


Bayside Gifts
40633 Smith Island Road
Ewell, MD 21824
Betty Jo Tyler
410-425-2771 |

Offers nautical items, shirts, books and souvenirs. Open daily Memorial Day weekend through mid-October, 12-4 PM. A second Bayside Gifts location can be found in the Bayside Inn Restaurant.


Ewell United Methodist Church
Main Service at 9 AM Sundays

Visitors to the island are welcome.
Camp Meeting runs from the last Sunday in July through the first Sunday in August with well known southern gospel groups singing on Sundays.  Join the community for preaching at 7 each evening during camp except for Saturday.


Island Styles
20978 Caleb Jones Rd, Ewell, MD 21824.
Laura Evans
410-425-4881 |

Full service salon, appointments only. Men, women and children.
Haircuts, color, perms, manicures and tanning. Open Tuesday through Friday.
Prices range from $5 to $40.


Mary Kay
3159 Marsh Road, Smith Island, MD 21824
Maxine Landon
410-425-2025 |

Bath & body collection– Perfume, Body lotions, eye color, and more.
Gift wrap and delivery available. Gifts for all occasions. Complementary skin
treatments available. 9 AM to 9 PM daily.


Smith Island Baking Company
Kristen Manzo, Manager
20926 Caleb Jones Road
Ewell, MD  21824
410-425-CAKE (2253)

Authentic Smith Island cakes - We ship Chocolate and Chocolate Peanut Butter. Our cakes are $39.50 plus shipping. Everyone on the island has their own recipe, and we hope you like ours: always with ten moist, light layers, stacked nice and tall, with a frosting that’s plenty rich but never too sweet.

Although no one knows for sure who should get credit for first stacking all those impossibly thin layers of yellow cake on top of the other, with that delicious fudge frosting, we’re sure you’ll agree they make a wonderful treat for special events, for every day dess erts, and for everything in between.

Women have been baking Smith Island Cakes for special events and everyday gatherings as long as anyone can remember. The Company was founded to employ local women, promote local economic vitality, and enable Smith Islanders to share their unique treasure with dessert-lovers everywhere.

We take great pride in employing some of the finest bakers (and people) we think you’ll find anywhere. In keeping with Smith Island’s spirit of community, we donate a portion of all of our profits to our favorite charities. Be sure to check out their links below:



Calvary Methodist Church
Main Service at 12 noon Sundays.
Visitors to the island are welcome.

Drum Point



Waverly Sign